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A statement on the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Executive Committee of the World Congress of Faiths express their profound sadness at the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty’s long reign was shaped and marked by her personal religious faith, her genuine interest in religious traditions other than her own, and her enduring commitment to religious equality and freedom of belief. These principles are dear to all members of the Congress, one of the oldest inter faith dialogue organisations in the world. Committed to public service herself, Her Majesty repeatedly recognised the countless acts of selfless service carried out by people of faith in the United Kingdom, not least during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mindful of the commitment made by His Majesty The King many years ago to be the Defender of Faiths, we now look forward to a reign characterised by ever-deepening solidarity and respect between people of different backgrounds. We assure His Majesty of our loyalty and prayers. God Save the King.

Temple of Understanding: FORUM2022

We are pleased to promote an online multi-faith environmental conference being arranged by a long-term partner body, the Temple of Understanding, based in the United States. This is called "Science, Spirituality, Solidarity: Weaving Interconnections for Change", and will take place from 10am (US Eastern time), that's 6am GMT, on 20 October. Further details of how to register are here: https://ecojusticeforall.org/forum2022-1 .

The World Congress of Faiths is open to all who share its aims and interests regardless of their faith. Our aim is to promote and share the personal values and public value of spiritual life.

You can become a member and join one of the oldest interfaith bodies in the world, with a very rich history.

We offer the freedom and opportunities to meet, explore, challenge and understand different faith traditions through events from small events to large conferences, visits, talks, partnership working, on-line conversation and publications, including our unique international journal, Interreligious Insight.

Join us on our journey.