What we do

World Congress of Faiths members are individuals drawn from all major faith traditions across the world.

Our activities are UK-based, but draw on an international breadth of knowledge, and its members represent its interests around the world.

WCF members can discover opportunities for personal spiritual growth through interfaith engagement that includes access to:

Being a member of the WCF is part of a movement promoting understanding of the importance of spiritual life in our communities and society, and recognition of its benefits.

Our openness to the rich diversity of faith and belief is balanced by WCF's commitment to respect the integrity of the world faith traditions. Our activities aim to explore and demonstrate shared values, and to clarify essential differences, believing that both are equally important to strengthening mutual trust and understanding among faith communities.

WCF endeavours to form partnerships with other interfaith bodies locally and nationally; with relevant institutions in higher education and theological training, and with agencies seeking common action on issues such as peace, justice and ecology. Its Executive and other members are authors of some of the most seminal and important interfaith publications, faith leaders, academics and practitioners.

Everyone who wants to learn and contribute is welcome to become a member of this unique, vibrant and welcoming community.