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Beacons of Light is now available as a Kindle e-book.


Beacons of Light describes the life-story and spiritual wisdom of one hundred holy people who have shaped the religious history of the world. All faiths at their best emphasise the love of God and a yearning for peace, an end to poverty and reverence for the natural world. This 'treasure of a book,' as one reviewer said, 'both informs and inspires.'

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WIDENING VISION: The World Congress of Faiths and the Growing Interfaith Movement.

Details :
Religions preach peace, but too often they have been hijacked to justify violence. Widening Vision tells the story of the growing interfaith movement and its work for peace and social harmony.

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  • Details : A History of the World Congress of Faiths 1936-1996 by Marcus Braybrooke, published by Oneworld.
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Peace in Our Hearts, Peace in Our World: A practical Interfaith Daily Guide to a Spiritual Way of Life by Marcus Braybrooke (Kindle Edition - Sep 13, 2012) - Kindle eBook

The search for peace in society and in the world cannot be separated from the quest for inner peace in the heart. If you wish for a more peaceful world, the first step is to resolve to become a more peaceful person yourself.

This commitment is a lifetime task. This books offers for each day of the year an inspiring quotation form a spiritual teacher, a story or reflection and a suggestion for a related prayer or practical action to help you grow in inner peace or contribute to peace in the home or in the world.

The book suggests that if we wish for a more peaceful world, the first step is to become more peaceful ourself. This book will help us do this. There is for everyday: an inspiring quotation, a story or reflection, and a suggestion for prayer or practical action.

In the words of Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 'This beautiful book will inspire readers to travel the path of prayer to inner peace and to work for a more peaceful world. Marcus Braybrooke draws on his knowledge of world religions, his personal friendship with people of many faiths, and his pastoral experience as a priest to help us grow in compassion and hope.

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It is a revised edition of 365 Meditations for a Peaceful Heart and a Peaceful World


gif  Christians and Jews Building Bridges by Marcus Braybrooke (Kindle Edition - 12 Sep 2012) - Kindle eBook

Christians and Jews Building Bridges surveys the key issues that have dominated Christian-Jewish relations in Britain during the last twenty years. The book's publication coincides with the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the Council of Christians and Jews. It is, however, a personal reflection and not an official history of the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ). Particular attention is given to the tensions over Christian attitudes to Israel and Jewish objections to Christian evangelism.

Because it is people not religions who engage in dialogue, the second half of the book tells the story of some of those who have been most active in creating new understanding and friendship between members of the two religions. This new relationship means that Jews and Christians now look to the future and how together they can contribute to the healing of the world.



Now available as a Kindle e-book


  • Details : This book reflects on Christian-Jewish relations during the last twenty years - to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the British Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ). It is a personal point of view by Marcus Braybrooke, who has wide experience in the field. It is not an official history
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    • Details :  'Christianity: An Explorer's Guide challenges many accepted views of Christianity both within and outside the church. Marcus Braybrooke urges readers to look beyond doctrines and church organisation to see Jesus for themselves.
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  • More info : Looking back on fifty years of ministry Marcus Braybrooke expresses disappointment that the Church has been slow to adapt to a changing world and open its doors to spiritual explorers. His hope is that Christians together with members of other faiths will make the search for peace, protection of human rights, relief of poverty and the protection of the environment their priority.
    The book offers a comprehensive and compassionate over-view of Christianity. It is an ideal survey for the enquirer or member of another faith who wants to learn about Christianity. It will also give Christians a deeper understanding of their faith and the fascinating and varied history of the church.
    The book begins by describing the life-changing experience of meeting Jesus. It then recalls the Gospel story, sets it in its first century Jewish context, and asks how much of the traditional story survives critical historical examination. Two thousand years of the unfolding global history of the Church is described. Key beliefs of Christians are explained. The book also describes how in their spiritual and practical life followers of Jesus try to copy his example of loving service of others. The book is an exciting and lively read and will also be a valuable work of reference'








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Children of One God: A History of the Council of Christians and Jews 1991

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Dialogue with a Difference (Ed with Tony Bayfield), 1992

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How to Understand Judaism 1995

The Wisdom of Jesus, 1997

The Miracles of Jesus (with James Harpar), 1997

All in Good Faith (Ed with Jean Potter), 1997

Testing the Global Ethic (Ed with Peggy Morgan), 1998

Christian-Jewish Dialogue: the Next Steps 2000

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Lifelines (Ed) 2002

Meditations for a Peaceful Heart and Peaceful World 2004

Sustaining the Common Good (with Kamran Mofid) 2005

A Heart for the World: the Interfaith Alternative 2006

365 Meditations and Inspirations on Love and Peace 2006

Prayers and Blessings (Ed) 2007

Beacons of the Light: 100 holy people 2009

Meeting Jews 2010

Hinduism: A Christian Approach- e-book 2012

Peace in Our Hearts: Peace in Our World.-.e-book 2012

Christians and Jews Building  Bridges  2013

Islam: A Christian Approach  2012

Widening Vision: The World Congress of Faiths and the Growing Interfaith Movement 2013

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